CNC router 1325/2030/2040/2060 for woodworking PVC Acrylic PCB MDF cutting

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CNC router 1325/2030/2040/2060 for woodworking PVC Acrylic PCB MDF cutting Features: 1.DA1325/2030/2040/2060 is one of classic and best selling cnc router,made of high thickness square tube welded bed,Hiwin square rail and high speeding stepper motor & driver. It can do cutting and engraving many materials, such as MDF, Acrylic, wood, PVC, etc. And it is widely used in advertising and woodworking industries. 2. With China Well-known brands powerful stepper motors and drivers, Hiwin linear guide rail, XY axis gear and rack transmission,Z axis TBI higher precision Ball Screws, ensure fast speed, big loading capacity, low noise, and longer time working; 3. Professional NC-Studio / Richauto Panel control system, Air cooling spindle 6KW, long working life, low noise, strong cutting ability. 4.T-slot worktable and fix materials by clamps is easy to use. 5. Electronic control components from famous brand in China such as CHNT / DELIXI company. 6. Auto Oil-filling System for gularly maintenance (lubricating) is so convenient. Applications 1. Wood industry: wood furniture making, 3d wood relief carving, wooden craftwork production Speakers, game consoles cabinets, computer tables, sewing machine table etc. 2. Advertising products industry: 3D letters sign making, acrylic cutting and engraving. 3. Board processing industry: insulation piece, acrylic board, plastic chemical products, PCB, compact grade laminate, ABS, PP, PE and other cementitious mixtures’s milling process. 4. Decoration industry: folding screen, wave plates, advertising boards, sign making and logo’s processing. 5. Arts & Crafts industries: Engrave on artificial stones, woods, bamboos, marbles. 6. Processing material: engraving, milling and cutting processing for acrylic, PVC, artificial stones plastics and soft metal sheets and so on.




Working Size

1300×2500×300мм / 2100x3000x300mm / 2100x4000x300mm 


Welded Structure

Guide Rails

Square Rails Hiwin 20mm


X Y Rack gears    Z TBI Ball screw


Stepper motor & driver


Independent Computer Cabinet

Control system

NC-Studio / Rich AUTO A11 DSP Panel/Mach3

Moving Speed

Max 20м / min

Engraving Speed

Max 15м / min 


3.7KW air /3.2KW water / 6kw Air / 9kw Air

Spindle speed

6000-18000 rpm


Aluminum T-slot / Vacuum 


Centralized Lubrication


Type3 / ARTCAM/ Ucancam

Working Voltage

220V/380V ±10%,Single phase/3 Three phase, 50Hz/60Hz





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